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Our mission is "old fashioned". We get to know you, and get to know what you need.

Customer relationship is the fun of life. We wouldn't miss that opportunity to meet with you and to serve you.

Design Projects


Our Passion

Our first love is helping you bring your new products to market. Here are just a couple of examples in the field of advanced optics:

Project: Infinite Z 3-D Display

One of our customers , Infinte Z needed a demo model of a new product. Their idea was to bring 3-D live imaging to the medical world and educational fields. They needed a very stable lightweight optical bench that would be placed under a small table that one would sit at, and view recent
MRI's of one's self, or view other educational material.

The stucture was designed and built at Santa Cruz Precision. It required mounts for 2 digital camera's and 2 large front surface mirrors. The alighment apparatus for the cameras had to be very fine in order that the alignment of the pixels could be achieved. Not only was this achieved but the machine got shipped on airplanes and still maintained its precision alignment.

Project: Infinite Z Stereoscopic Camera

This was a follow up project for Infinite Z.
They came to the shop and wanted us to design a stereoscopic camera. They provided us with two 10 megapixel sony cameras and wanted them mounted together in such a way that the lenses were the average distance apart of the human eye.

They of course had to be coplanar. We came up with a very simple design that mounted the cameras and produced the best stereo photos they had ever seen.